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  • asus rog 750 jz for VSL and Pro Tools

    Merry Christmas to VSL team and all users!

    I´ve just bought a laptop Asus ROG 750 JZ i7 (2.4) 4700, Nvidia 880m 4G with 32 G of RAM and 1T SSD (Windows 8.1 single language) for 4K editing - which is working fine with all video (much better than MBP retina 2013) and think that it can work fine with Pro Tools 10 (or Cubase 6.5) and VSL (I am interested most of all in Dimension Strings - that particular library had some issues of clicks and pops and unstability with VEPro and MIRx on my MBP retina - and use of Mbox was worsening its work). Sometimes I use EWQL libraries that also don´t help to lighten the work. This laptop is not in the list of recommended PC´s by Avid.

    If anybody had opportunity to work with this laptop? It is made for gamers so is very fast for video, but what about audio? Some known issues with Pro Tools or VSL software? Or it will be better to install Windows 7?

    Thanks in advance!

  • I´ve already installed on that laptop: Pro Tools 10.3.7 (found some reports of stable work on Win 8.1), Cubase 6.5.5, Kontakt Ultimate, VSL Ensemble Pro, VIpro - everything working. My libraries are on Mac formatted SSD´s, so had to install Mac Drive demo but then found Paragon free version for NFS+ that works well. Didn´t have opportunity to insert any special project, only enjoying the sounds, software is working, playing samples, so far so good - in spite of no support for Windows 8.1.