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  • VE Pro Metaframe Autosave?

    I wonder if there could be introduced a timed "autosave" for Metaframes in VE Pro. I just lost a bunch of changes because my battery backup blew when the elecricity went out.

    Just made me think --- that would be a nice feature.

    Would VSL consider it?


  • I think that's a good idea. Two thoughts though:

    1. If your project is coupled, all changes will be saved with the sequencer anyway, so just enable autosave there.
    2. If the reason for not running coupled is the saving times, the proposed autosave would have to run in the background, so that you weren't locked out of your project whilst it saved.


  • Great idea.

  • DG,

    Number 2. I run decoupled for the reason you mentioned. For sure, I wouldn't want to be locked out as it takes about 40 seconds or so to save the metaframe. Normally I'll save the project or the Kontakt multi while I'm tweaking, (since they save much faster, and I can reload them individually if things go South),  then save the whole metaframe every 20 minutes or so. I messed up last night, though. Thunderstorms. [li] [li] [li]


  • I'm conflicted about Auto-Save in Cubase, for instance. I have it turned off now, because of my history of it creating a problem which causes a crash. I think it is auto-saving during a real save, but the correlation with an invalid auto-saved file created at the time of the crash is too strong to ignore.

    But sometimes I'm too bold saving over a project name and I was saved the other night because during the creation of a previous version of a project I was doing one auto-save; I needed those midi files.

    So I don't know if the same pitfall applies for VE Pro, I reckon it does reading the remarks 'locked out during autosave', but I'm finding that a modus operandi out of being paranoid about saving and file names [forced by no resort to autosave] is the way to go. I lost a couple of changes last night owing to a crash but I should have hit save after every move; keeping the old version of the instrument and saving these [mapping] changes as viframe for the time being. Strategies.

  • God, but I hate being paranoid, though. If we can put a man on the moon, as REM says, surely we can have safe autosaves. Surely [S]


    P.S. Cubase always seems to do fine with autosave for me, but I've got it on a separate machine and it's decoupled.

  • My crashes with Cubase autosave have nothing to do with VE Pro, I always ran decoupled. I look at the time of the zero kb .bak and the .cpr and they're the same, and that's when it crashed, I have to believe that's it. This has happened yrs before any VE Pro.

  • I would love to see meta frame auto save.  i can not even count the number of times I've lost detailed work in Kontakt Multis from a VEP crash.  i know i know save save save...  but the autosave in Pro Tools has made me lazy.  (i run decoupled when I use VEP)