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  • 2014 quad-core Mac Pro vs 2014 15" MacBook Pro retina

    Hey all, I'm trying to decide about replacing my 2010 iMac which is showing its age. I have a 2012 MacBook Pro (non-retina) with 16gb ram, and a custom built fusion drive as my slave. The Mac Pro has obviously been a staple in music production, but I'm thinking the dual graphics cards might be overkill, since I don't do any gaming or video work. My choices are the 3.7ghz quad core MP with 16gb of ram (will upgrade later as needed) or 2.8ghz quad core i7 15" MacBook pro retina for my master machine. Both machines are sexy. I like the portability of the MBPr and the display is gorgeous. I like the higher speed of the MP but as I stated earlier the video cards are kind of unnecessary for what I do, which is composing music for games and film (finishing up school so I'm hoping for more work). Any advice would be great! Jonathan

  • How about a full spec'd 27 inch iMac?

    And there are rumours that a new mac mini will come in a while, which might have the same specs as the Macbook pro you mentioned, sans the screen. And also the broadwell chips are around the corner. There is always new technology coming up...

    But seriously speaking, you didn't write what kind of workload are you looking for. The MBP might be just fine but won't the screen will feel small after a while? Also, 16 gbs of ram might not be enough in the long run. You could also make your current Macbook your master and look for a beefier slave that can have at least 32 gigs of ram, just to be future proof.

  • Thanks for the response. As for the screen, I would be getting an external 4k monitor. The fully spec'd iMac wouldn't be a bad idea either, but I've read on this forum that some of the users don't like the fusion drive, maybe because it doesn't give them control of where their sample libraries are stored? I would have it custom built with flash storage anyway.

  • Yes, the fusion drive doesn't seem to be a good solution for our purposes. But the thunderbolt port should be good for sample streaming also.