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    Hi there, it was always a pain and clicking here and there until it shows up. But for now I cannot access it anymore. Please what is the path where I can find, in my case VEPro5, the latest versions for download. Unbelievable how those are hidden and why. Thanks P.S. Yes of course I am logged in. I also tried it with login in and out

  • User Area > Software > Vienna Ensemble PRO



    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks a lot Dietz. I also now understand the path the first time ;-) didn't recognize the system behind, those lined areas. But for better bookmark it now ;-)

  • It will be great to have a "VSL update" like the "Software update" we have on Mac 

    On Mac OS X you have a pop up message saying you have a new version availlable and asking you if you want to download it ;)

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