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  • Fully Loaded MacBook Pro

    I would like feedback on running VSL Full library/SE on a fully loaded MacBook Pro (latest model 15" 16 gigs ram) simultaneously with Sibelius 7.5.

    I have both full dvd collection and SE Plus. I have Vienna Ensemble  Pro 5 and Vienna Instruments Pro 2

    Will the internal fash drive be fast enough for sample streaming (and running all software) or will an external sample drive be required.

    Any feedback on possible instances using MIRx (I also have MIR 24) would be rateful.



  • Does your MacBook only have one hard drive?  I don't know about these solid state drives nowadays but trying to record on the same drive that you're streaming samples from is kind of like eating a meal while you're trying to cook it.  But maybe that is now possible with solid state drives?

  • For streaming samples, get more drives. The OS drive as a samples streaming drive is a terrific bottleneck.

    For me to justify the cost of MIR Pro, I would be buying another computer as well.

  • My impression, though CM is the real expert here on this,  is that an SSD makes it possible to stream as well as record, because it is totally random access. 

    Also, if you use an external drive, you will be using the speed of that connection for samples, which demand the ultimate speed possible for access.   So I would wonder if it is as fast as random access off an internal SSD. 

  • "fast access" would through itself mean that the operating system operating, its usual priorities vs 'recording to' vs 'streaming from' is all prioritized {'random access'} so as to make streaming viable? I don't know, but that looks like magic. I wouldn't know what to do with certain information, though, I admit ignorance. Who's doing this with equal success to dedicated drives?

  •  Yes, it is not a good idea in general and of course I am avoiding anything remotely like it by using totally separate slaves for VE standalone, each with its own SSD, to maximize playback capabilities.