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  • Composition Courses or Vienna Training Center?

    Hello! Does anyone know this course? Any opinions?: I am looking for good tool to learn orchestration and mixing my Vienna Libraries. This course seems to say much about preparing templates with samples and about mixing and, at the same time, about orchestration. But how to compare Cinematic Orchestration to this course: This course will teach me using well VSL products. It is great. I want to learn it. But do you think that Cinematic Orchestration is enough resource to learn also to use VSL products and use it in composition? Please for opinions!!

  • Hi Sebastian,

    I believe the comparison is a bit like comparing apples and oranges. Cinematic Orchestration is dedictad to teaching orchestration techniques used in today's media orchestral music, and as such it is suitable for people with, as the title says, cinematic orchestration as their main or only area of interest (it is not a course on orchestration in general and it does not primarily deal with sample-based orchestra music production). 

    Vienna Training Center is, on the other hand, a course suitable for those interested in obtaining professional sounding results using VSL libraries and software and developing/improving their VSL production skills in general (it deals in-depth with sample-based orchestra music production using VSL and it is not a course on orchestration, "cinematic" or otherwise). 

    Hope this helps in clarifying the difference...

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