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  • Strange network audio stutter over ethernet VE-Pro (after a couple of hours)

    Hey there, I'll go ahead and list specs then describe the issue

    Host Comp : 3.46 ghz 12-core mac pro 32 gb ram os x 10.8.5

    Slave Comp : 2.26 ghz 8-core mac pro 32 gb ram os x mavericks 10.9.1

    VE Pro build : 5.2.12844 (I've also tried the most recent build)

    So my template has about 25 gb ram loaded on the slave and about 8 gb on the host and they are running into logic x as 12 instances on the slave and 5 on the host.  The template works smoothly and has zero playback issues for a couple of hours and then after say 3-4 hours the system begins to stutter only on the slave computer's instruments playback.  Stutter like as in the audio becomes very choppy as if the ethernet is acting funny.  I've setup static IP (manually) on both systems so Logic will remember where the instances are routed, updated OS versions, tried multiple VE-Pro versions.  Not really sure what the bug is.  Has anyone had this problem and know of a fix?

  • Same here, now close the program before bed since it doesn't play nice in the mornin if I leave it open.