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  • Isn't VE Pro 5 supposed to adjust MIDI volumes when Cubase project loads?

    I have a particular Cubase project and when I load it up, some of the instruments in Kontakt (within VE Pro) do not adjust their volume properly. Yet when I build a test Cubase project and VE Pro metaframe to test (with just a single Kontakt instrument), loading up the test Cubase project makes the fader within Kontakt/VE Pro adjust accordingly as soon as the Cubase project loads up.

    Is there any reason VE Pro would ignore MIDI volume signals coming in? (or perhaps Cubase is not sending it..?)

  • I have a little MIDI blip at the start of every track on my template to make sure that all controllers are set to the default value when a project opens. That way you never have to worry about changing something when working and then those changes being carried over to another project when you might not want them.


  • Yeah, I was talking to a friend about this last night, who recommended using track automation to send out MIDI volume/pan on every track at bar 1. Good idea. :)