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  • VEP5 system newby questions

    I am planning a new DAW system and intrigued by VEP5 but only know the basics. I have a 2007 Macbook Pro (core 2 duo, 4 GB) collecting dust. Vienna says this Macbook meets "minimum system requirements" so I'm thinking about using it with VEP5 as the secondary machine (VSTs and libraries only, no DAW) tied to a more powerful W7 DAW primary/host laptop. A few questions - Is anyone using this sort of minimal machine - are there issues? Is it really viable? - I assume replacing the current 160 GB, 5400 rpm HD with something bigger/faster will help, correct? I can't add more memory. - Can anyone describe their experience with this sort of set-up in terms of system performance (i.e. # of additional tracks/VSTs by virtue of having an older second machine). I'd love to put my old Macbook to good use but it worries me when I barely meet "minimum system requirements." Thanks!

  • It isn't really a very feasible idea IMO, frankly. It makes more sense to run the DAW on the weaker machine. VE Pro {plugins hosting and handling/mixing} is doing a lot more lifting than the sequencer/DAW.

  • Thanks - make sense. I use W7 day in/day out and (ironically) am more comfortable with it than OSX. So I was trying to get away from OSX and Logic. I guess I can reconsider that...looked at putting a fast HD and SSD in the MacBook but 4G memory is it (actually it will take up to 6 GB which won't really help) and at the end of the day, it's a core 2 duo processor. So maybe I give it to my kids and start over.

  • After thinking about it for a bit - I'm a little confused... One concept I've seen proposed is to basically add an inexpensive slave machine with VEP5 to extend the capabilities of a more powerful host. Does that not really work? Is anyone running VEP5 on an older MacPro i.e. core 2 duo machine? What resources are most stressed by VEP5 (memory, HD, processor - or all of these)?

  • I have a MBP around the same vintage as yours, and it's not going to add enough to your muscle for VEP5 I don't think. First of all, the RAM. Then less cores.

    Everything about it. Sequencing tracks vs virtual instruments - and over 90% of the time I'm running FX from VEP - is just not very taxing comparatively.

    "more powerful host" needs be the one hosting the plugins and if you're bothering to use a slave, that's the slave, not the sequencing, 'master' machine.

    I used to use a MacPro with only 3GB in it for the master, and rarely ran into that as a ceiling as I wasn't asking it to host samples-based instruments.

    But the slave machine I have 24GB on and I have actually had to manage the memory.

    The most taxing thing I make Cubase do, for instance is a lot of audio if I'm using FX there (in order to interact directly with the interface).