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  • saffire pro 24 problem with VE5 - SOLVED

    I recently intalled a Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 interface on a Win 7 64bit 24 GB ram, Crucial ssd sample storage system.  The interface is working properly and plays in Windows with other sounds, there are no conflicts in sample rate, nothing else installed that is conflicting, but VE Pro5 will not use it reliably.  It keeps on starting with a message "Asio did not start properly" even though it did start. Also, if you try to play a sound from either MIDI (which is configured O.K.) or using the keyboard on the VE interface it is frozen and nothing plays at all.    Though it sometimes will work if I restart repeatedly.  It is erratic and now not working at all.   Something is basically wrong but I cannot see anything conflicting.  All drivers are installed and the system is up to date.  Is there some conflict VE5 has with this particular sound interface?

    EDIT -  I did another firmware update, and then started the Sapphire app prior to VE5 and now it is working o.k.