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  • Dramatic opening - large symphony orchestra & choir (MIRx)

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    This is a dark, tumultuous cue scored for large orchestra and double choir I wrote some 5 year ago (you can download the score for details).

    I have just used it again to create a "fast results" Vienna Ensemble project template using MIRx only (no MIR PRO here). All additional processing was done using Vienna Suite (plug-ins used are EQ, Master EQ, Exciter and, finally, Hybrid Reverb for some additional algorithmic sweetening). The patches are VSL Special Edition only.

    After the four stems (woods, brass+percussion, choir & strings) were recorded, no additional processing was done, so you are listening to a pure VE template output + some volume automation on the recorded stems - that's it.

    The template is best used for situations in which good sounding demonstration purpose mock-up of a large orchestra has to be done quickly - that's where MIRx comes in. The spatial positioning of instruments and sections works immediately, so after you have sculpted the overall sound using EQ/Exciter to your liking (this time I went for a bit "edgier", more abrasive sound I find to be suited to the orchestration style and the overall character of the piece), you're finished.

    This project (viframe file with complete orchestra setup, midi tracks of all parts and the tempo track) [b]will be the first bonus project template added to the Vienna Training Center[/b] (exclusively available to VTC participants for any private or commercial music production purpose):

    For additional information on Vienna Training Center, visit this page.

    IMPORTANT: the score is notated as a concert score, not as a session score (key signatures, transposed notation, traditional use of clefs, no individual bar numbering, limited use of cautionary accidentals, etc.)

  • Thank you, Stephane!

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