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  • Logic Pro 9 does not recognize CC1 matrix control Midi codes from Dimension Strings

    I have Finale running on a PC and Dimension Strings running in Logic Pro 9 on an iMac.  The two are connected via Midi cords and  interfaces.  I experienced no problems in Reaper, but Logic 9 does not recognize matrix slot changes when the Matrix Control is set to send on CC1 (mod wheel).  I am using Vienna Instruments (the regular, not the Pro version) and assigned the instrument to a Logic Software Instrument track. Since I have two ports I have created a channel splitter in the Logic Environment to access the various channels (otherwise you can't do more than one port in Logic).  This results in Logic capturing the midi sent from Finale and playing it through Dimension Strings, but, as I have mentioned, the CC1 changes are being stirpped off.  Does anyone know how to fix this or of a more effective way of using VSL with Logic?