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  • still waiting on license, why?

    Just wondering. I purchased VSL Special Edition a few days ago and I'm still waiting on the license. Is this due to the vendor or something else? Thanks Im in a hurry because I can't wait to DUMP my eastwest non working, constant crash, over complicated crap. : ) oops that was my inside voice.. sorry LOL

  • welcome liquidvienna,

    you have registered your Special Edition Vol. 1 29.12.2013 17:32:39 (UTC) and the Activation code has been sent via email.

    please check your spam-folder - sometimes filters don't like the code and move the email to junk.


    after registering the code should also have been displayed on the registration page.

    for security i have resent the confirmation email to your registered email address.

    hth, cm

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Hey thanks, yes i got it. But of course now the eLicensor servers are down. I guess they have been down awhile. I wanted to buy Vienna instruments pro but I will wait for now. Anyway, thanks maybe ill get to use it eventually LOL Oh and tell the Development guys ROCK ON.. I love the instruments interface.. they did a great job..