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  • Ensemble Pro 5 and Logic Pro X problem

    I have a sudden problem with VE PRO. I'm not very good with all the technical stuff so I haven't had the skills to optimize my system, but until now I've been able to run my orchestral template at least decently with my two computer setup. But now right out of the blue I ran into trouble. When I open my template and after loading just a few samples try to press play on my DAW, all the audio data from my slave computer starts to snap, crackle and pop, system freezes, two or three of my master computers eight cores jump to 100% usage, slave computer's prosessor usage jumps around 450% and the DAW informs it wasn't able to handle all the data. This happens even if my DAW's arrange window is completely empty. What could I do? I have tried to set all the latency and buffer settings as high as they go, but no effect. Perhaps I should try to build up my system settings from scratch but I'm afraid I don't have the skills for that.

    I have the following setup:

    Mac Pro (Early 2008) | Two 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon | 24GB | 320GB +  2 x  WD CAVIAR GP 1TB
    OS X 10.9 | Logic Pro X | VE PRO 5 | VI PRO 2 | MIR PRO

    15" Retina Macbook Pro (late 2013) | 2.6GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 | 16GB | 512GB Flash Storage
    OS X 10.9 | VE PRO 5 | VI PRO 2 | MIR PRO 24

    On my master computer I run three VE PRO instances using two threads per instance and on my slave two VE PRO instances using also two threads per instance.

  • It sounds to me like you are accidentally connecting via WiFi. Turn off WiFi on your slave computer and try it.

  • Thank you Ashermusic. That might just be the problem because when I turned my slave computer's wifi off, VE PRO can't find my slave computer at all. Of course this is a new problem, cause I don't know how to fix it, but now the original problems cause may be solved.