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  • An Idea for faster loading.

    I use Cubase as composing platform and my templates are very large and take a good amount of time to load.

    I had an idea I wanted to share that I think is worth checking out.

    I would like to be able to open a metaframe in the background of my composing machine that would remain connected to the 3 or 4 PC's I have all of my orchestral samples on and when I load Cubase I would be able to see all the midi and audio connections as if it was part of my aggregate audio setup and midi set up.

    This way my templates would load almost instantly and I would always be connected to the machines downstairs. I could even have different mixing setups or different metaframes for diffent typses of projects or templates.

    If this is not possible now I would recommend this feature.

    Thanks for making great stuff.

  • Buy a SATA III card

    Buy 2 x or 3 x 256 GB or 512GB  SSD (this depends of the size of your VSL lib) (there must be the same)

    Buid a raid 0 with those ssd

    Put VSL lib on SSD

    You can add another 256 or 512 ssd for the system 

    This will allow to reduce the preload buffer size (See in VSL Directory manager) allowing to load more samples in memory

    Dont forget to backup your VSL lib on a HD

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