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  • VST expressions an VIPro patches - how to organize


    Sorry if this question have been up before, but I can't find the search button in this forum!!!

    I recently began to use Cubase 7 and I want to set up a template including the VSL I have. I have lately been using a lot of the VIPro patches in Orchestral Strings & Dimension Brass. All these patches involves using the mod wheel to go from ex. staccato long to detache short, so when Cubase wants a "remote key" to trigger a slot (an expression), you run out of available keys very fast because you can't use the mod wheel.

    So what are you doing to accomplish this?

  • Hello Stig!

    We have prepared VST Expression Maps for most of our collections. They can be downloaded here:

    If you want to create your own Expression Maps, you can use every key you want as a remote key - preferably the keys which are not in the instrument range. Normally you will not need a remote key for every possible artiuclation. They are only relevant during a performance for changing articulation live. For editing you have the articulation lane which doesn't need remote keys.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
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