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  • Logic 8 w/EXS library only as a 'slave VI', then send into slave VEP5? Possible?

    Hello, I don't own VEP5 yet, but need to know if the following is possible as I am thinking about a new setup.

    Maybe one of you can tell me if I'm on the right track here in my thinking and setup!

    I want to put VEP5 on a slave computer. The slave computer will hold Logic 8.02 and my EXS library of sounds as well as some other AU instrument plugins, like EZ Drummer, Stylus RMX, etc. and their respective libraries.

    I want to use Logic 8.02 with its EXS library as one big Virtual Instrument on this slave computer, with the audio from these sounds in Logic coming back to my host computer via the slave VEP5 ethernet connection.

    I use DP8 as my host and controller on another Mac, and I will ultimately record all my MIDI and Audio tracks on my host computer in DP8....(nothing will actually being recorded in the slave Logic.... I would only access the EXS and software instruments like Sculpture and want audio to come out of Logic.)

    Questions: - would I have to to send MIDI from my host DP8 to the slave Logic via a regular MIDI interface, going through USB or Firewire, something like a regular MOTU midi interface? (As I understand it, I can't have MIDI going to VEP5 down the ethernet cable and then leaving VEP5 to go to another application?)

    - can the audio from the slave Logic EXS sounds be routed into the slave VEP5, and then come back to my host via the ethernet connection?

    - VEP5 can also host some other AU plugins in addition to having the Logic sounds and tracks coming into it?

    - how many audio tracks could I expect to be able to send back via ethernet to my host DP8?

    - anything precautions, etc.?

    Thanks to all!