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  • Dimension Violins Matrix Sequencer issue


    If i load a repetitions matrix from either a single player, desk or 'All violins'. Only a few of the sequncer patterns play and most of them incorrectly. By that i mean, if i compare the notes writtern on the sequncer page with what i'm hearing, it's completely different. Also, if i've selected a 'pizz' cell for example, i don't hear anything although the repetitions on the advanced page go through the reps but nothing comes out. I've enabled all the cells and made sure i', selecting the correct 'row' by key swtich etc. so i 'can't think of anything missed. Would be grateful for anyone's advice on this.



  • Hi MD, 

    I´m afraid I can´t quite follow. Feel free to send some screenshots, projects and mp3´s to , we´ll take a look!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL