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  • Hetoreyn - Knight Rider theme

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    Hey everyone,

    I finished this new album of mine a while ago and have been sitting on it whilst my manager attempts to find a publisher. But getting bored of waiting so I thought I'd show some of these off and here's the first .. something which might make my fellow sci-fi geeks all warm and fuzzy [:D] This is my rendering of the Knight Rider theme. Originally I had no intention of ever doing a cover song but for some reason, while messing around with Omnisphere's many noises and synthy parts, I came across some sounds that reminded me of the Knight Rider theme ... and it went on from there.

    Hetoreyn - The Knight Rider Theme (From the "End of Line" album)

    There are probably tens of thousands of mash-ups and techno versions of the KR theme available either to buy or to listen to for free on soundcloud, but it really pisses me off when musicians take a small part of a theme and repeat it over and over and don't fill in the rest .. a very unsatisfying listening experience, so I decided to do a version which combines them main title theme with one of my favourite parts of the pilot episode score and, of course, do it in my style.

    I have actually licensed this track so I can sell it and in doing so was even able to email Stu Phillips himself (with thanks to FSM for the introduction). Very glad to say that he liked my track .. you can't beat that feeling [:P] This was made using Logic 9's own built in drum synths, omnisphere for all synths, bass and VSL for all orchestral parts including the electric guitar. And yes it was surprisingly hard to figure out how to make that arpeggiated pattern, or at least how to make it sound like the original.

    It is written a semi tone higher than the original theme because it had to conform to the key of the last 1/4 of the piece. The cello's sadly won't go lower than I needed .. and I didn't want to cheat. It may not seem it but there is actually a LOT of VSL used on these pieces. Can't tell you how amazing the Dimension strings were and how useful they became.

    Anyways, I do hope to sell my "End Of Line" album soon, and have high hopes for it as it's quite a step forward for me in terms of song writing. I think it's a nice blend of orchestra and electronica in a trance/drama sort of way and very much inspired by film music that carries that electronica edge. If you want to listen to the full album you can hear it all on soundcloud .. downloading isn't available yet. Hope you enjoy.

    Hetoreyn - End of Line (album)

  • Oddly enough, I just happen to stumble upon one of those thousands of mash ups and it reminded me of your post here so I just had to come back and listen.  I must say, beyond a doubt that your rendition is much better than anything I've heard as of yet. I know what you mean by taking one small part of the theme and playing it over and over.  Your piece here is repetitive but with every repeating bar you add some new color or subtle nuance that keeps it interesting.  Well done[Y]

    This theme just isn't the theme without that timeless arppegiated synth pattern and thank you so much for perserving it.  I can see you added your own style which compliments the piece nicely.  Well done again[Y]

    Of course I was more particular to Street Hawk back in the day;  Knight Rider never really did it for me.  Of course Street Hawk was a bit of a rip off (minus Two wheels) and didn't last too long.  In the end, I guess Night Rider won out because everybody has fond memories of Knight Rider but when you mention Street Hawk?  Blank Stares Galore[:|][:|][:|]

    However, I still think the theme to Street Hawk ("Le Park" by Tangerine Dream) is much better.  I'd love to do a rendition of that one 

      (It doesn't really get started till about 10 seconds into it) 

    Airwolf is also a good one with a great Theme too.

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