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  • Dimension Strings + Chamber strings - Gabriel's Oboe

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    The vibrant and expressive sound of the popular Morricone's piece, is very challenging to replicate:

    I try to create a symphonic but lyrical 1st Violins section using the 8 Dimension strings (VI Pro) + the 6 Chamber Strings patch (Vibrato + Expressive Vibrato). The other sections are SE Orchestral strings. (solo oboe by SampleModelling SWAM).

    All the instrument are in the VE Pro - MIR Pro24 KonzertHaus Modern saal + MIRacle Hybrid enhancer

    Gabriel's Oboe

    I'm not 100% satisfied... comments and suggestions are very welcome!

    best regards


  •  The strings sound fantastic - that is a great idea to do that particular layering. It created exactly what you stated - symphonic but lyrical. The phrasing and dynamics are really well done.   I was slightly bugged by the oboe and then saw it was not the VSL oboe.  The basic timbre on the oboe does not sound right and it isn't EQ.  I would be curious to hear this done exactly the same but with the VSL French Oboe, or the maybe even  the Oboe d'amour.    

  • Yes, that's what I'm looking to improve, now i uploaded a slightly different EQ of the solo, which sounds a bit more mellow and in place.

    Thanks for listening and for suggestions!

  •  Hi,

    Well done for the strings. I'll definitely want to try your idea. 

    I have the same problem with the oboe as William.

    Beside the lack of dymanics of the solo, the basic sound doensn't convince me.

    I dont know the company that makes this sample so I cannot comment on it.

    But William is right about the Oboe d'amore. Two shades mellower than franch oboe and it would just fit in perfectly in your overall sound I think.

    I used the oboe d'amore only on 2 occasions but it was really good and there are plenty of articulations too get exactly what you want to do wit a particular phrase.

    If you own that instrument, trying the wide variety  of dynamic articulations would do wonder in that piece. I just love the dynamic articulations, it brings so much life into a phrase and improve the realism as well.

    Very nice work overall!!!

    Jean Roy

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