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  • Best Practice for Library Location?

    I'm wondering if I'm using my system optimally for sample storage and loading.  I have a new i7 intel iMac, with 24gb RAM and a Fusion drive (256kb SSD and 1 TB HDD).  Based on the advice from VSL at the time I started using the libraries, I currently store my VSL sample library on an external drive, which was a pretty fast drive when I bought it about 1 1/2 years ago.  

    Sample load times aren't that bad, but I've just started using Dimension Strings and loading samples for those does take time.

    The question is, would I be better off putting the libraries on the internal drive, hopefully utilizing the SSD functionality?  Or should I just live with my samples on the HDD until it dies?

    Anyone else have experience using new Mac with VSL on external drives?


  • Do you use VE Pro? If my observations don't fail me, VE Pro loads sample content in a few parallel threads. Putting the question of HDD vs. SDD aside, that means: the more drives, the better.

  • Hi Michael, 

    As you are using VI Pro, you should definitely store your samples on an SSD drive, to take advantage of up to 10 times faster loading times and RAM consumption (adjust rhe pre-load buffer size in the Directory Manager) and increased streaming performance. 

    I'd try with your existing HD first, then maybe add an extra drive, if you need it.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL