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  • VE Pro Server And OSX 10.9 Mavericks

    I tried to install the VE Pro Server and 64-bit Server on my Mac Mini that came with OSX 10.9 and I'm getting an Apple dialog box that says this software is not compatible with OSX 10.9 and asks if the developer has an update for their software. I believe I have the latest version ( 5.2.12808 - 2013-09-02 ), so Is there a fix in the works? I have the VE Pro 5 demo.

  • Hello fastlane,


    Hmm, VE Pro 5.2.12808 is in fact absolutely compatible with MacOS 10.9...


    Please make sure you have also installed the latest version of the eLCC from - does that make a difference?


    Best, Marnix

  • Yes, I'm running a 2011 iMac 2.7 iMac as the server and the new Mac Mini, direct from the Apple store, as the master. The only thing I have loaded on the Mac Mini is my two hosts which are Sagan Tech's Metro 7 and Personus's Studio One 2.6. I updated everything at the eLicenser Control Center that I could find and did a restart on both Macs. I also disconnected the Thunderbolt cable between the two Macs for using Target Display Mode and now have the Mac Mini using it's own monitor. The two Mac's do see each other when I select Network in the Apple Finder Go menu. There is a remote possibility that the Mac Mini has issues. I have had to toss the Dock plist and the display plist because of bizarre issues. This was just getting it set up with my iMac before installing my hosts or VE Pro 5. Another possibility is a conflict between the iMac running which is still running 10.8.5 and the Mac Mini which came with 10.9. I could upgrade my iMac to Mavericks and see if that does it. Also I could try a factory software reset but I'm not exactly sure how to accomplish this. There is no restore volume on the Mac Mini when I hold the option key down during a restart. If there is suppose to be one maybe that is a problem. Let me know if you have any other ideas to try. The Mac Mini could have a corrupted HD.

  • I saw something today, a 'security settings' default which states a 'most secure' level, being 'from the App Store'.

  • That's probably the applications from the internet download setting. That just has to do with allowing downloading of applications from registered developers.

  • Well, Iv'e tried repairing disk permissions, resetting the PRAM and reinstalling Mavericks on to my Mac Mini. I did upgrade to Mavericks on my iMac and the Vienna Pro Server application has no issues with it. There seems to be a hardware issue with this particular Mac Mini that is causing this hard crash. This model and configuration has been out for over a year and I can find no mention of this problem on a music forum or anywhere. Luckily I did purchase my Mac Mini from the online Apple store so I'll be running it up to an Apple store for a return or exchange for the same CTO Mac Mini.

  • I returned the Mac Mini to Apple and have now tried to run Vienna Ensemble Pro Server, 32 and 64-bit, on my 2009 MacBook Pro 2.26 4GB memory, running OSX 10.9 and I am getting the same crash dialog and report window that I got with the Mac Mini. Houston, I think we have a problem!

  • Hello fastlane,


    Please send a crash report to ,  so we can better look into this issue!


    Best, Marnix