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  • VE Pro 4. Changed router now not connecting

    Hi, I've been happily using VE Pro 4 for a good few years now. I have a Gigabit hub that all my master/slaves are connected to. I also had another hub which was used to connect to the internet (I needed one with a firewall). This was causing problems with new ISP, so I got rid and am just running from a Belikin 8-port hub. The problem is that VEPRO now won't automatically load its various instances. I can manually go through a project on my master computer and load the instances fine, but it won't recall them as I load. Any tips gratefully appreciated to fix this! Dan

  • VEPro stores connections based on IP addresses. If you had DHCP activated and switched your router, the IP addresses of your computers have most likely changed. It is recommended to use static IP addresses with VEPro.