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  • "Blizzard" - Cinematic Track w. Dimension Violins/Cellos

    Hi Folks,

    I've recently finished 'Blizzard', a cinematic track built upon (mostly) VSL instruments. Most prominent are likely the spiccatos from the Dimension Violins & Cellos, with some support from Appassionata Strings and Epic Horns. The only "non-VSL" parts are percussion and piano.

    If you feel like giving it a listen, here you go:


  • Very well rounded production, with stellar horns performance shaping... well done.

  • That sounds huge! It's the arpeggios that make the track

  • Hi Luchs,

    Great Epic sounding track !  

    Very well done. I enjoyed listening to every second of Blizzard. Dim-Strings rocks in this track, and so does the Epic-Horns.

    Thanks for sharing it.



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