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  • Reaper and VSL Digital "Pops"

    I don't know if this is a Reaper or Vienna Symphonic Library issue, but here's my situation. I am running VI-Pro 5 and VE-Pro 5 (a recent upgrade from VI and VE regular versions) in Reaper and on playback of a simple 12 instrument/12 MIDI track set up I am getting these "popping" or "cracking" sounds in addition to considerable latency. Each of the 12 instruments is playing a single held note, so I doubt it's some type of MIDI note overload. I used to have this problem with the regular VE, but changing the buffer setting from 1 to 2 solved it. Now, no matter what buffer size I set the "popping" sound is present, even though a buffer size of 4 is better than 1 by far. I've also tried changing the buffer size in Reaper Preferences, but no luck. MacBook Pro 10.8.5 8 gigs on memory. At I've posted a few screen shots that hopefully will make things clear (I don't think I can post screen shots here). Any help would be appreciated.