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  • Instrument Pro Remote

    Hi there,

    Trying to get this running, and while it is 'there' on my iPad (iOS 7), I cannot change the screen, which is basically stuck at a resolution in which I cannot access all of the features. All I can see is a huge AI square, with a few of the parameters underneath it. Refreshing Safari doesn't do anything, that is when I can actually get at the controls of Safari. Also, I don't understand why such a program isn't just available at the App Store? I don't believe this having to run it through Safari business.

  • As soon as you load an insturment in VIP the screen will fill.

    This used to be an app.  Not sure why it got changed.

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  • Hi, thanks for your reply.

    This is what I see when I've loaded the App Strings in the Epic Orchestra. I cannot get it to display the whole screen. This is very frustrating. The visible parameters will move (articulations) and the controllers, but that is it. When I load the remote, it briefly shows most of the screen, then ends up here with no ability to adjust it. In this state, I cannot even access any of the controls in Safari, though when I did set it up initially and Safari's controls were there, refreshing did nothing to fix this.

  • What you are seeing on your iPad is correct. Mine looks exactly the same.

    The iPad version does NOT look exactly like the VI plugin window on your Mac.

  • How the heck is it supposed to be useable?

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    May I ask: Did you watch the video tutorial?

    The App is a MIDI Remote Control that is designed to work with presets. It is focussed on the performance aspect of VI PRO, not the configuration (=> "REMOTE App").



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    Yes I did watch the tutorial. Thanks for clarifying. I could've sworn I saw some screenshots of what looked like the VIP interface that looked like the interface on the computer (on the software page). I must've been looking at the actual VIP page, I guess. I dunno why I am having such a difficult time with your software. I usually don't, but I am intent on getting it all figured out (just ordered SE II from Thomann on Saturday). When I am ready to ask some specific questions about VEPro, I'll do so. Right now, my time resources are not good. My brain seems to be in stasis, as well.


  • Hi, 

    No worries, we´ll definitely try to help!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL