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  • VE Pro 5 won't connect - Mac master, Windows 7 slave

    I'm trying to get a new master/slave system to work. First step is to connect between the two. I'm running both machines connected to a gigabit switch.

    I have VE Pro 5 running on my slave machine, with a simple instance of Chamber Strings loaded. I looked up the slave's network address (, and used that in the "Connect" dialog in the instance of VE Pro that I created in a stereo instrument channel in Pro Tools 10. I get a "can't connect" message.

    Can anyone help me understand what I'm doing wrong? The process of networking between the Windows machine and the Mac is not simple, because of problems on both the Windows and Mac machines, so I'm assuming that's the issue, but I've pretty much run out of gas and I'm ready to just use VE Pro on the Mac and ditch the slave machine idea. This seems stupid, though, as lots of people have it working, so, please, help me figure out what I'm doing wrong!



    OK, I found the first step of what I'm doing wrong - the DNS addresses need to be set manually, is that correct? If anyone can point me to a really basic, step-by-step set of instructions on how to do this on both Mac and Windows, I'l send you a bottle of very nice wine.