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  • Problem Bounce To Disk with DP 8.05

    I'm using the very latest Digital Performer 8.05 and VEPro 5. I use them on the same machine. I also use the Event Processor - so I have one instance of VEPro as a plugin, and about 18 Event Processors. The metaframe is mostly populated with Kontakt 4. All of the tracks play flawlessly.

    I am only able to bounce-to-disk instruments/midi tracks that are assigned to VEPro's midi channel 1. None of the Event Processors will successfully bounce. Before updating to VEPro 5.2.12800 BTD would work properly across all channels.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks - Robert

  • hey Robert, unfortunately you won't be able to bounce DP midi tracks that are running through Event plugins in VEPro5. This has been the situ for some time and has been heavily covered here. There are "work-arounds" - - freeze tracks, record in realtime, etc. but not bounce. Sorry....

  • Thanks for responding Will-

    OK - too bad. But I thought I was able to for the last 1-2 weeks, I'm no doubt mistaken. But I can't now, and that's reality. What about other software, Logic, Cubase? If it's a DP issue it would be helpful for Motu to know.

    Sorry I couldn't find the threads that covered this, I did a search for keywords I thought would bring up the subject with no luck. To your knowledge are VSL working on making it possible? I imagine that a lot of people would find it useful. 

    Thanks again,


  • It is not a problem with Cubase, but then again in Cubase you don't need the workarounds as one can use VST3.


  • hey Robert, here's a link to the thread:

    and it's worth a thorough read, as it explains the problem well.

    But the "operative" statement (from Karel) is here:

    indicating that the problem lies with the way that MOTU (DP) does bouncing and it may or may not ever be resolved. It (the problem) has been around ever since Event plugins & DP7, I think.

    It's worth noting that an awful olot of folks use VEPro5 with DP and absolutely love it. Go hang out over on MOTUNation and you'll find planty of fans. If you're *not* using Event Plugins or don't mind track freezing or real-time bouncing, it won't be an issue for you.

    But if, like me, you do need Event plugins and don't have the time for freezing/real-time, well....we'll just have to wait for a while for a fix!

  • we do live prints from our VEP sources here. Does 8.05 fix the stuck and dropped notes with event plugin willie (and anyone else?)

  • hey labman, sorry I can't weigh in on this?

    First off, I've never had stuck or dropped notes with VEPro5 & DP (7 or 8). Oh, I've had *LOADS* of stuck and/or dropped notes - - just not with VEPro5...

    But secondly, I've dropped using VEPro5 altogether (for the time being) because of the "can't bounce midi tracks with Event plugins" thing. I just do "bounce midi tracks" way too often on every project to work without that feature.

    But there are supposedly new "fixes" in both DP 8.05 & VEPro5.2 that relate to both playing mroe happily with each other. Hopefully (for you) some fixes?

  • Note that it is still possible to just use the VE Pro Server Interface plugin without using Event Input plugins, much like everybody was already doing with VE Pro 4. The Event Input plugin is an optional feature.

  • Hiya Willie. How about using freezes in DP with VEP instead of bBTD? Or do you need mega speed bounces?

  • hey Labman,

    afaik, freezes on midi tracks work just fine in DP with Eventplugins. It's *only*' "bounce to disk" on midi tracks in DP with Eventplugins thant doesn't woprk. Unfortunatley for me, that's something I use all the time?[:P]

    But for those whno don't use this feature, grab VEPro5 and you're off and running!!