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  • VE Pro - Any plans for a Linux version? (please oh please!)

    Linux is arguably one of the best server platforms out there. You get the robustness and leanness of any UNIX based system (e.g. Mac, but MUCH lighter on resources), but without the subpar filesystem and registry structure of Windows. I know this is no small undertaking, especially since the e-Licenser control software doesn't exist for Linux, but I'm curious if the Vienna team would consider this. Being able to put together a PC and then install Ubuntu or Debian on it and use the ext4 filesystem would be fantastic! But maybe I'm in dream-land. :)


  • Hi MDesigner, 

    Doesn´t look like this will happen before eLicenser is available on Linux. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Paul,

    I figured not. Guess I'll go bug them for a while. ;)

  • a quick bump and +1 on this :)

    more and more plugins are becoming available native on Linux, so using a linux machines as a server running VEP is really very attactive.

    I recognise you use eLicenser, but how about adopting a slightly different model, until they port it to Linux


    the VEP server and VEP plugins (event input, audio input etc) only runs on Mac/PC (with eLicenser)

    VEP instances can run on Linux, but can only be 'started' by the VEP server (above), when it starts it contacts the VEP server to aquire authorization, if it fails it cannot start*

     this wouldn't support linux users using linux based daws (they will need to wait for eLicense) BUT, it will allow Mac/PC users to start using Linux as a 'plugin server farm', which would be great as linux can be configured to be much more efficient/lean than mac/pcs.

    (I dont know much about VSL, but I assume it could also be run on the linux server, again using the same 'authorisation' on the server instance model)

    * note: probably worth noting.. its not worth anyone hacking the linux instance anyway, as it can only be used by a VEP plugin, which are only available on mac/pc, and then require the server... which needs eLicenser to run. so the linux instance is worthless without the VEP Server/eLicenser

  • Hi all, i would like to build linux server dsp machine with infiniband connection to daw, and the only thing that is stopping me is VEPro server. As your juce framework is also ported to linux, logic says there is no so much work as when building from ground up. Do you have any plans for linux development?

  • Hi denoiser, 

    No plans there. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL