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  • Almost completely befuddled

    Hi there,

    My host is Logic Pro X. I am having serious problems trying to get my head around using Ensemble Pro, and I usually don't have such problems, but right now I am jut cross-eyed and 'huh?' I've watched the tutorials, and I find the fact that they often include elements that I don't own (Vienna Suite) in the narrative, which only befuddles me more.

    I will be running Ensemble Pro on the host computer, at least for a while.

    What I want to do is to run multitimbral instances of 32 bit plugins like Sampletank. I can get a stereo version working, but I don't have a clue regarding multi-timbral set-up, and yes, I've read the manual. More than once. While I can get sound in Logic, when just Ensemble is running, I get nothing. I realize this is probably normal.

    I'd like to add that I am almost a complete midi-idiot.

    I would deeply appreciate it if someone would walk me through setting up a multi-timbral instance, using language that a 5 year old would understand.

    Please help!



  • Hi Bombadil, 

    Sorry to hear that you are confused, I just added Vienna Suite as an example for FX plug-ins, as they are our own FX plug-ins and are often overlooked....

    Adding a multi-timbral instrument in VE PRO 5 is described on page 49 of the VE PRO 5 Manual

    It´s important to set the MIDI channel settings to MULTI (on top of each mixer channel), if you´d like to receive MIDI information on channels 1-16. 

    If that doesn´t help, please send a few screenshot to , so we can see what you see!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    Welll, this is my first issue that I can define properly as an issue. I set up VEPro as per the video tutorial, loaded a multitimbral software instrument in Logic, instantiated a multitimbral instance of VEP, but when I go to select a plugin, I am only given choice between mono or stereo on the plugin within VEPro 5. So, what am I doing incorrectly, and how do I rectify it? The plugins in question are IK Multimedia VIs, and they are all multitimbral.



  • I was just solicited privately (for $75.00 per hour) to help me solve this. Is this kind of thing tolerated here?



  • Apparently yes it is.  The tutorial videos are singularly the worst tutorial videos on the whole internet regarding anything musical/computers. Apart from not actually explaining anything you will also go fucking blind.

    I gave up on it after about 4 days and threw the fucking thing out of my computer.

    Hope this helps.

  • First of all, I am the culprit. I have helped a lot of people with Logic Pro itself, and intergation with third party software like VE Pro over Skype. Usually they see my signature and contact me but on this occasion, since he had tried the usual free methods unsuccessfully, I proactively reached out to  Bombadil. My apologies to him. Clearly, he deemed this to be inappropriate and if he does, it is reasonable to conclude that others may also, so in the future, I will not do so. 

  • See this is really what gets me fucking mad.

    You are supposed to spend 200 EU on a download and the comapny selling it can't even get out a set of videos that expalin it to NON FUCKING COMPUTER GEEKS!!!!! And that's a fucking download. Try doing that in a shop and see how far you get without the proper backup. You'd be in court faster than you could say jack sh!t.

    And so what do we then get. The fucking inevitable. Some twat on the interent decides it's time to cash in @ $75 per hour for something that should be easy!!!  AND Who the fucking hell wants to get buried in PAGE FUCKING 49 OF A PDF.

    I just will NOT subscribe to any more VSL products EVER AGAIN.

  • PaulR, did you try out the demo version before you've purchased ?

    And did you contact our support when you needed help?

    Finally I would appreciate if you use a more moderate language here. If this is not possible, please stay away from this forum.


  • First of all,

    I would appreciate it if this thread wasn't about PaulR's language, or Mr. Asher's 'proactively reaching out,' (best euphemism I've seen in a while, btw) but, rather, the problem at hand. That is, how do I get a multitimbral instrument to work in Logic via VEPro. I've tried, and failed, notwithstanding following the directions in the video to the best of my ability.

    Thank you,


  •  Hi Bombadil,

    is there any special reason that you didn't contact VSL support, as our product manager Paul has suggested in the 2nd post of this thread?

    So you would not have been forced to spend any money to get things up and running.



  • Yes exactly right. This is what you'll always get though. 'DID YOU CONTACT SUPPORT"

    And yes, I will no longer be coming to this forum in future because there is no longer any point afaic.

  • Well,

    I thought the forum would be the first place to ask. Also, if a step by step solution was posted here, than it would save anyone else having problems from having to contact support. Simple, really.

    BTW, I am almost there, regarding setup. I have no problems setting up multitimbral VIs in Logic, though I am not an expert in MIDI by any means. I will play with it a bit more, and see. If I still haven't figured it out, I will contact support.

    Jeez, PaulR, you have over 2000 posts here, so you must've been happy enough with VSL products for the most part!



  • I see,  maybe the informations in the "Welcome Topic" about support procedere are helpful for better orientation.



  • Thanks. You are correct; I should've read that.


  • Hello Paul, hello Bombadil,


    This is a public forum and, although members of our staff regularly visit this community board, our support department is in fact the place to contact if one requests help from us directly - we usually respond within 24 hours.


    Anyways, back to Bombadils problem: just like in Pro Tools for instance, you initially instantiate a multitimbral plug-in as a stereo plug-in in VE Pro.

    Then, you are presented with little "+" icons next to the fader in this channel.

    Clicking on these will create Aux channels with their Inputs automatically assigned to the next set of Outputs of the respective plug-in.

    These Aux channels can then be assigned to VE Pro Outputs to route the signals back into your DAW to individual channels.


    Hope that helps - please feel free to contact us at  if you need further assistance!


    Best, Marnix

  • If you like Bombadil, I will email you a 32 but VE Pro template set up multitimbrally with a Logic project to connect to it.

    BTW, not to be defensive here, but I help people for free all the time when I can do so by sending a template or typing a patagraph or two, but since he wrote,

    "I'd like to add that I am almost a complete midi-idiot.

    I would deeply appreciate it if someone would walk me through setting up a multi-timbral instance, using language that a 5 year old would understand.

    Please help!"

    I concluded he would need a more extensive expenditure of my time (and expertise) to help him, and that I do not do for free. That said, apparently contacing him first ws poor form and once again, I apologize to anyone who is offended by that.

  • Just wanting to defend Jay here. I do similar consultation work and on occasion myself have sent users a PM if they were stuck.

    I think offering a service in a civil manner is not a crime - there is no obligation to go along with it and I'm sure Jay doesn't mind if people don't want to spend the $$ for some private help. Jay has worked hard to learn what he knows and I see no reason why he should be chasticed for seeing a business opportunity.

    In any case, I think the topic has been answered satisfactorily. Allow me to refer to my tutorial at which also contains a section about aux setup with some screenshots.

  • These forums are meant, partly, to offer help and support to people who are having problems. I know many forums in which such a solicitation would result in immediate banning. If Mr. Asher would like to offer his services, he should either pay to advertise those services, or help in the spirit in which these types of forums were made, not hover around like a vulture looking for business opportunities. I find that creepy and slimy, especially by someone who isn't in particular need of the bread. Different value set, I guess. I give of my expertise in my chosen field, often with no expectation of financial gain, just because it makes me feel good to help people. Furthermore, the interval of time between when I asked the specific question and the time I was solicited was about an hour or two, hardly long enough to give anyone else the time to answer.

  • I also want to chime in here in defense of Jay.  While, perhaps the best choice was not made in this case, I have been around enough music DAW/instrument sample forums long enough to be well aware of how much help Jay has indeed provided others.

    Also, a couple key and highly valued members of this forum, who provide considerable free advice and help in the VSL world have also mentioned their own websites, which also provide "non-free" VSL related help.

  • Look, I made a mistake apparently, I have accepted esponsibility for it, and I have apologized to him both privately and publicly and offered to send him templates. That is all I can do, so he now owns it, in my view.