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  • What do you expect to be in a VSL Library or Collection?

    I love every VSL Collection, some more than others. What I expected to be in atleast overall instruments, is Vibrato for all instruments. [H] I know Viennese Orchestras can fire their musicians for playing vibrato on some certain instruments, to avoid you play non-vibrato so you can have a more clearer sound.

    For the Choir I expect a WordBuilder like EWQL, so you can create your phrases, it will be great when you start creating some Operas. Dimension Brass extended is another feature I would love in brass, Mutes will be highly appreciated. [;)] 

    For the Woodwinds, a Bass Oboe and a second Clarinet either in Bb or A. I always like to have a Bass Oboe, I'm not sure if this is in VSL plans any soon. [^o)]

    Give your opinions here what you expect to be in the future VSL collections. Most people are highly satisfied with the products, others not so much.