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  • Three new MIRx demo's with VSL string libraires

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    To inform you.

    I have made three new versions of South by Southwest, a moderately modern, very nice and energetic piece by Stephen Barton (DVZ-Strings website). This piece requires everything from a decent library: smooth legato, agressive staccato, leggiero spiccato, high speed runs, repetited notes, tremolo etc.. Shortly: it is comparable with many classical pieces in the need for high quality patches and software.

    Herewith three new demo's of VSL's MIRx plugin. Apart form very slight EQ'ing (with Toneboosters' TB-Fix) just the raw versions. I used extended versions of Appassionata, Orchestra and Chamber Strings combined with every time the same DS surplus.

    Nice to compare with other products if you are interested in former inquiry on this subject.


  • Erik, I love all these demo's and my favourite were all the three. I love Appasionata snap pizzicatos, they sound amazing. In my opinion, It would be wise to combine, Appasionata, Chamber and Orchestral Strings with DS. They give you amazing diferent type of timbres. 



  • My favorite is the Chamber Strings.

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