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  • Poème in C - Bosendorfer Imperial.

    I composed a Poéme for Piano, it is not completed yet, it is half-way throught. Just wanted to get some thoughts of yours about this song. Please criticize and put your own personal criteria. I'll be glad to hear.

    Bosendofer Imperial - Distant


  • I am glad to see that people here can still be influenced by music the calibre of Scriabin's - rather than the computer-"assisted" masterworks of today's geniuses. I'll be happy to hear this piece again when it is complete.

  •  Thank you very much Errikos! I appreciate it! I'm continuing this song, even though the process of composing is very slow. I really want to do something very interesting and intriguing to hear step by step and not all at once. If you liked what you heard so far, wait till I have it finished. I surely will turn up a notch and the rhythym even more interesting and more build up to the final tension.


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