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  • Instances open maximised despite preference setting


    Win 8, newest VE Pro. When loading a metaframe, all instances open maximized even though I have "open instances minimized on load" checked in the preferences. This has not happened before on OSX. Is there any registry setting I need to set?

    Also during loading, VE Pro becomes unresponsive ("inactive" label in the task manager) every few seconds. When it does this, the antimalware service executable" uses CPU time. Is this a security feature of Windows Defender? Something I can set to make defender ignore VE Pro?



  • Hi Novatlan,

    Should work just fine.

    animal service executable belobgs to Avira AntiVirus, which didn´t work for quite a long time on Win 8. Make sure you are using the latest version.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks for your answer!

    Unfortunately it does not work :(

    I do not have Avira AntiVir installed and never had (the PC is brand new) The Antimalware Service Executable according to the Task manager belongs to Windows Defender.

  • Hi Novatlan, 

    In this case I´d contact Microsoft... Unfortunately our Windows specialists are already off duty and won´t be available before monday. 

    Maybe a fellow user can chime in here?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I did some testing over the weekend: When the "Load instances minimized" setting is not active when creating an instance, activating it later will not have any effect. Any new instance properly load minimized. Tested with 3 different machines on Win 8 Pro.

  • Hi,

    I did a test here and it works as it should. When "Load instances minimized" is checked the windows of the instances do not open. If it is not checked all windows do open. And it doesn't matter if it was checked or not when created. 

    Can you send me the metafile and a screenshot of the "animal service executable" in the taskmanager to

    I do not have this service. Are you using gadgets in Win 8?



  • This driving me mad :(

    I can't get the instances to stay minimized. Is there any preference file I could delete or something like that? It definitely only affects the instances created before checking the option for the first time. on huge metaframes it takes ages to close all those windows every time.

  • also having the antimalware service executable problem in my windows

  • Here’s the mail I got


    I understand that Windows Defender is not scanning when Antimalware Service Executable is consuming high CPU.

    What are the updates you have installed recently?

    Let’s start your computer in safe mode with networking and check the functionality.

    If it works fine in safe mode with networking, let’s perform clean boot.

    Clean boot will help us identify if any third party applications or startup items are causing the issue.

    To do this, follow steps from this link:

    Note: After checking the functionality in clean boot, follow the suggestions under “How to reset the computer to start normally after clean boot troubleshooting”.

    Keep us posted on the status of the issue.