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  • Digital Performer 8 and vienna ens pro 5

    Hi ! I have demo version  Digital performer 8 software .  I load  in DP8  4 vienna instruments .  Create new midi tracks  in DP  and linked their  in vienna instruments.  All works . cool.

     But the problem is that the performer shows a big CPU (in the program), although the CPU in windows manager of 30-32 percent ! 

     im load this project in cubase 7 .  cubase work great ! not loading  asio . 

  • crutifixus, the CPU window in Digital Performer has always been....."highly suspect". Most of us DP users just ignore it and go by other measures of CPU usage. I'm a Mac guy, so i wouldn't know but I would suspect that if your windows manager shows about 30-32% CPU ,that sounds about right (maybe even a little high)

  • Thanks for the answer! Yes, it would not be a problem if sometimes load indicator in the am not enter the red zone. and even then sometimes there are clicks and other artifacts. I'm more interested in the question and am using computers on the network (omnibus  vepro5) will not be a problem if dp?

  • I'm also using DP8 with VEP 5. I use a second mac pro as a slave, and my 1st Mac pro only runs DP8, however the CPU is struggling. My current setup has 9 instances of VEP open. Is this too many? I was under the impression that my slave computer would be doing all the processing work, but it is my main machine that is struggling. Why is my main machine not coping? thanks in advance if you can assist :)

  • vienna ensembles is very specific software. Sometime host machine loaded (asio or cpu in host) very many. I think sometime host computer work best wite out slave (vienna)

  • Thanks for your reply crutifixus, but I'm not sure I understand. Can you explain again please :) Also, does anyone else have any tips for better performance with my setup? thanks

  • Hi !!  I know exactly!  Cubase 7  and  vienna  work perfectly !!  only in cubase preferences  switch off  HT support . (device setup - vst audio system- multi prosessing)  Work very very perfectly.  But i love DP . I have PC and Mac .   DP have very hi overload host cpu meter (( . 

     Motu have move  .  Chad work in windows. I sent him a letter asking for help in setting DP . DP is cool soft.  but  i I want to have  retrespective records midi events.  midi mute note.  better work in midi controller .   

  • I have a similar problem with dp8. I am currently trying to use my Mac air (my main Mac Pro is currently busy at my studio) I am having performance issues with vepro and 2 instances on my slave pc. I have to have the buffer settings at 4 which means a lot of latency or the project cracks and pops.

  • Hi !  Try  32 bit version DP.  32 work better (IMHO)

  • Hi !  Try  32 bit version DP.  32 work better (IMHO)