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  • using MIR with mono instruments - which MIR effect plugin to use?

    hi guys,

    when using MIR with mono instruments (e.g. dimension strings single players within VI Pro 2) within VE Pro 5, is it best to use the "Vienna MIR Pro > Mono to Stereo" or "Vienna MIR Pro > Stereo to Stereo" effects plugins? what i mean is, when you have a channel in VE Pro that you want to bring into MIR, and you click on the "EFFECTS +" area of the channel, which of those two choices are the most efficient, or is there really a difference?

    i would have assumed that since the audio is mono, it might save on processing power to use the mono version of the plugin (with most plugins, that saves a lot of CPU cycles).  but in watching the MIR videos and when reading the manuals, all of the VSL examples seem to show mono instruments inserted into MIR using the stereo plugin (the visual difference seems to be the lack of "width" handles on mono instruments' MIR icons).  i searched the manual for the word "mono" and there doesn't seem to be a distinction made between using a mono or stereo instance of the MIR effect plugin in VE Pro (obviously MIR's output will always be stereo).  can MIR detect when an instrument is mono and automatically save on processing power?  it seems to me that maybe it doesn't matter?

    thanks for any insight!


  • Hi Matt, I asked VSL's software engineers to chime in for first-hand information. Thanks for your patience.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • thanks dietz!  i'm looking forward to hearing what they say.

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    Hi Matt!

    I tried to answer your questions below, please let me know if you have any further questions. 

    @Another User said:

    can MIR detect when an instrument is mono and automatically save on processing power?


     No, that's not possible yet.

    Best regards, Florian

  • thanks so much, florian (& dietz)! 

    it's good to know i can save on some processing power by using the mono version for dimension strings solo players (and other mono sources).  since i've started using MIR over the last couple of weeks, i've definitely seen my VE Pro work percentage (in the lower right) jump upwards.  it's also good to know it will use the left signal.  and i'd say it would definitely be helpful for future users to have a mention about all of the above in the manual whenever you release an update to it.

    i'd also like to say i have nothing but good things to say about VSL's support through this forum (and also on and, among others).  you guys have been and continue to be pacesetters in your industry.  the more i work with VSL instruments and software (and interact with you guys), the more i love them!