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  • VEP5 64bit keeps crashing on slave iMac


    I'm running a mac pro 8 core as the master and VEP5 on an i7 iMac. Both macs' are running OSX 10.6.8 and my DAW is Cubase 6.5. When VEP5 is running in 64bit mode it will inadvertently crash any time I try and either save or select a loaded instrument whether it's a VIP or kontakt. This doesn't happen when the exact same instruments are loaded in the 32bit version. The crash log indicates a possible memory allocation error (ie: VEP is looking for something that is not there). I can upload the log if that would be of use. It's strange the 64bit server version should be so flakey but I suspect it's not VEP5 but a conflict between Cubase in 64bit mode and itself.

    Any suggestions would be most welcome.



  • Make sure you're using the latest versions of all VSL and third party products. If this doesn't resolve the crashes, please send your crash report along with a description to , so we can have a look at what could be the cause.