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  • Anyone Using Just One LARGE Local Instance of VEPRO 5?

    I'm starting to set up some templates...I was going to use one for brass, one for strings, etc, when someone on a composer's forum said that he used just one big template, with a huge amount of instruments in it.

    If one preserves that instance, you would always have everything up at all times...seems like it might work. Anyone doing this?



  • It works, but I prefer one instance per section. I think multicore usage is better this way.

  • Hi Tom Hi Tobias On my machine, I have to use some Viframes with Cubase because I can then freeze unused Viframes ,to reduce my latency,otherwise its to high and impossible to record midi. I do not have direct monitoring in my sound card HTH, Willy

  • I prefer one instance per section.  I tried the enormous all in one inclusive template and it just killed me doing updates to my templates.  It really depends on how you work.  But I have always found for me, that seperate instances is the ultimate solution.


  • I use one huge template. Super easy to mix. According to the VSL guys, performance is much better with one instance. Am I wrong about that?

  • I use one template too with almost all my projects.


  • I just switched over from many small templates to one large template recently and he performance is great, but there have been a few tiny little glitches and I'm not sure if it has to do with Vienna or with other applications, but after about 30 instances, mostly all EW play, I am not able to load anymore samples into the player. It just lock me out of adding anymore. Not sure if anyones had this problem, just thought I'd mention it, but overall, the 1 template is a vast improvement in organization and it encourages me to use that interface more than adjusting everything in my DAW.

  • all plugins being equal, I would stick to one instance particularly as local host.

    but I do many things where things are seriously far from equal usage of CPU cycles where I isolate the hogs in an instance and devote at times 4 or 6 times more 'threads per instance'. also I have found that a lot of automation of parameters takes more.

    edit: I just saw 'Play'; I bet Play is not as efficient as Vienna Instruments engine.