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  • VEP5 - DP 8.01/7.24 Current Situation

    I'm a DP 7,24/VEP4 seasoned user. Since I inserted VEP and a Slave PC in my rig my workflow toke a leap forward and let me achieve results that with DP alone in a single machine I couldn't get.

    In time I learned too deal with the little quirks that DP/VEP relationship revealed, the most annoying of them being that VEP tracks are not "Delay Compensated" (so I must always find the right amount of time to shift midi tracks by hear and, if I'm forced to change buffer size to lessen the burden on the CPU, I have to start over the process).

    Another thing I leaned - from the precious contribution of VEP engineers in this forum - is that the more VEP plugin instances are opened, the more power is demanded on the CPU. So theoretically it would be better having just one plugin opened with 6 full Kontakt plugs (64 midi x 6) than multiple VEP instances with different Kontakt plugins.

    And to achieve this goal VSL came up with VEP5 and Event Plugin, which let us AU users to override the 16 midi channels AU spec.

    Than I understood that DP8 finally fixed the Auto Delay Compensation issue, fixing the way DP reports numbers to VEP plug In.

    I have a very large template with 12 VEP full Kontakt instances and I could make use of the resources that narrowing the number of instances (with the Event Plugin) could be freed.

    Now, I read here and there that things are not completely ironed out between DP8 and VEP5 and I would really appreciate if DP(7.24 or 8.01)/VEP5 users could chime in to state their current situation. What works best for you and what not (and your personal workarounds for what doesn't work).

    Thanks in advance.

  • Wow, tough crowd! [;)]

  • Arceo, I'm a DP8 (VEPro5, Konakt5) user who's just gotten more and more frustrated! Started using VEPro5 back with DP 7.24 and things went pretty smoothly, but then I was on OS 10.6.8.Now, I'm on OS 10.8.3, booting 64bit and the DP8/VEPro5/Kontakt5 combo was a crash monster. I wrote to VSL tech, sent a crash report or two and got back, "it's Kontakt's fault". Period.

    So, for the time being, I've dropped using VEPro5 at all for the time being, as the DP8/Kontakt5 combo is *fairly* stable.

    It's really a shame, as I'd *like* to use VEPro5, just no faith in it right now. Also - with Events - it removes DP's ability to bounce midi tracks, which is a non-runner.

  • DP8.01 here on multiple rigs. We cannot use event input plugs without drop outs. Major ones. So we are forced to use tons of instantiations in our orch template. I hope they get that all figured out soon, and we can get back to just a few.

  • I use DP 8.01 on OS 10.6.8 with a dual Xeon Windows 7 slave via VEP with no problems other than the known Event Plugin/Bounce issue. I just did a huge orchestral piece with one instance of VEP and 5 or 6 Event Inputs, also including a couple of audio input tracks of live instruments, without a glitch.

    I do not however use Kontakt. I do use Tascam GVI, which hasn't been supported in many years and required a hack to even install on Windows 7, so I've been pleased as punch with VEP's compatibility. Perhaps there is something particular about Kontakt which is a problem. I hope for you all that that gets sorted.

    It is irritating not to be able to bounce tracks, but it's totally worth it to have a large template in one instance.

  • I've just begun switching over from Logic to DP8 as the movie scroring features are so useful.

    In general, DP8 is awesome, but the VEP5 issues have been a bit of a pain to say the least.

    After a bit of tweaking I've (hopefully) got it to the stage where it's only bouncing that causes issues. The resulting bounced audio has a mass of stuck notes and is generally a mess.

    I too hope there is a fix of some sort soon as I rely on VEP5 more and more.