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  • VE Pro 5 and Reaper: Event input adding too much latency

    Anyone using reaper and event inputs with VEPro successfully? I usually use DP8 for my orchestral midi projects, but am testing my VE Pro template with Reaper 4 OSX, and I ran into an unusable amount of latency with the event input. I searched but found no other bugs about it on Reaper Forums or google. Steps in Reaper 4: 1. Create a new midi track with virtual instrument Vienna Ensemble Pro (VSTi) 2. Connect to a VE Pro Server 64 bit instance on same machine (running Kontakt with a Berlin Woodwinds flute multi loaded). Set buffers to none - sound card isat 128. 3. record enable the track holding VEPro and play some midi keyboard into it. No noticeable latency - so far so good. 4. Add anew virtual instrument track using VE Pro event input, assign it to the VE Pro instance running Kontakt, midi input 1. Record enable the new track and disable the first track. 5. Play midi from keyboard. Notice that the latency is so high that the effect is like the note starts after you release it playing a staccato hit. Sam routing in DP doesn't add noticeable lately using event input. Any ideas? Thanks! John

  • been wondering the same thing. I saw in the VEP instructional video when using logic you need to add an additional audio in/out plugin and bypass it to get around the extra latency,wonder if maybe it's the same deal with Reaper(it's the one thing that really stopped me from switching over to Reaper as my main DAW). I haven;t had time to try it ,let me know if you figure it out. G ps at about 5.38

  • any luck?o haven;t been at my DAW for the last few days but curious to see if the bypassed audio input trick works in reaper.

  • bump Anyone? tried adding and bypassing an audio input in reaper but no change in latency.

  • tried the bypassed audio input in Reaper but no change in latency with Event Input,anyone have any ideas? Would be nice to be able to use Reaper with VEP5.

  • I don't have such issues. But I never set the buffer to zero. You should ask in the Reaper forum. By the way, the next Reaper version will have multilane midi editing - perfect for orchestral work.

  • so when you use an event input you don;t feel any latency difference? Maybe I'm setting up my event input wrong ,do you set it up as a separate fx track and or add it to the fx track of the VEP track? thnx G

  • Since in Reaper a track can be anything it can be confusing sometimes how to set up things. I do it in a way that I separate midi tracks and audio inputs. So if I set up VEPRO I use the VEPRO plugin only as audio in into Reaper. Just drag the plugin from your fxwindow into Reaper. It will ask you if you want to create 32 outs. Do here what ever you like. These are all audio ins from VEPRO server. Now you hav an (activated) track. Click on FX and connect to your VEPRO server. Set the buffer as you like. Now look on the track panel: There is "midi in all all channels". You don't need midi here since you can do that with the event input instrument. Select no input. Now do a right click on the track channel area and choose insert virtual instruemnt to new track. The fxwindow opens. Choose the event input plugin, choose port 1 and assign the VEPRO server instance. If you want to keep your DAW very organized you can create 16 more (Midi) tracks and use those as (midi) sends to you VEPRO event input VSTi. With the track manager in Reaper you can choose which tracks you want to see where. I set it that way up that I see the midi tracks in the track panels / arrangement view while I make the audio inputs there invisible because they are not needed here. In the mixer I make the midi tracks invisible since they are not mixed anyway. I don't have the feeling of a higher latency here with this setup. Hope that helps.

  • hi, I tried this method and get the same amount of latency with the event input,when I use just the VEP fx with 16 channels of midi there's no latency issue,I also get stuck notes occasionally with event input. Any chance that there will be support for Reaper from VSL in the near future? Anyone have any other ideas? thanks, G

  • Have you tried using VEPRO on a separate PC? You wouldn't need it with Reaper on the same machine anyway because its the most efficient host around. You wouldn't gain any advantage with VEPRO. I just opened a Reaper file with 2000 (!) G-Player (Solo) on my Macbook. Try the latest prerelease with multilane midi editing. Deselect "run fx when stopped" (Options/Playback) and you'll lower your CPU usage drastically compared to any other host.

  • Reaper seems to be working great for me (so far), but I switched over to Windows to use it. From what I understand it's not as mature on OS X. And this is coming from a DP guy, though I might switch back once it's out for Windows.

    I'm actually a die hard Mac guy, but I can't deny that the latency is much better in Windows (with the exception of maybe Logic). I have to say though, a lot of people don't know about or give DP a chance, and it's probably one of the most solid and intuitive DAWs out there, and works great with VE Pro. I guess I've just been getting a little DAW ADD lately. 

    I've found Reaper to be completely unintuive, and honestly tried it 7 times before I finally dug into it, and now there are quite a few things I really like about the way it works. It's the little things. But, I digress.

    So far I have 3 instances of VE Pro running from a Mac slave, and it's been fine, but I haven't really tried to write something huge just yet. I will keep you posted.

    I did have a latency issue very similar to this once, but once I shut down VE Pro and reloaded it, it went away.

    I will say this. I've never been much of a fanboy, but I am a VSL fanboy through and through. They could have very well just stuck with samples and not done anything else, and they are really pioneering the way. VE Pro 5 is hands down the best musical investment I've ever made, and I love it every day that I use it.

  • Try using Reaper on a Mac. I use it with Win and Mac and I don't think there is any difference in using it on a Mac. U-He demoed their new stuff on Musikmesse with Reaper on Macbooks.

  • hey, don;t have a 2 pc set up. I like to load up my samples once (I use a big 34 GB template) and then not have to reload them when I start or switch between projects ,that's the great thing about VEPRO. I must be doing something wrong when setting it up. thnx G

  • I know this is a very old thread, but I may have found the solution.

    I was having the precise problem described when using Event Inputs in Reaper. Unacceptable latency, even though I was getting very good latency just playing my keyboard without the plug-in. The problem being, of course, that I had no way to access the extra ports in VE Pro 6.

    I went to Options | Preferences | External MIDI in VE Pro 6 and saw that Vienna Instruments MIDI was not selected. I selected it, and now the latency is unnoticeable.

    Hope this helps someone.