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  • VEPro5 (5.1.12010) crashing with DP8.01 & OS 10.8.2

    Unfortunately, I hav to add meself to the list of folks who are reporting the lastest VEPro5 crashing? I'm using the newest update (5.1.12010) 64 bit server, with Digital Performer 8.01 and Mac OS 10.8.2.  - - all 64-bit. I am using only three or four instances of Kontakt 5.1/64-bit. It all runs fine for a while but, within an hour, will crash VEPro5, leaving DP open.I have a crash report, but do not know how to attach it here?

  • Hi williemyers, 

    Please send your crash report to , we´ll take a look.

    Please also include the exact version of the used plug-ins, and maybe also your DP project (as a zipped file) and a short description on how to reproduce. 

    And of course your system specs will be of help as well (which Mac are you using, how much RAM, which soundcard/latency/driver version). 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks very much, Paul. It *may* be a particular library within a Kontakt 5.1 instance taht's causing these crashes. I am investigating and will write more soon.