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  • Digitiphony 3

    After two years' hard work, in amongst other projects, I have finished my Third Digitiphony (Electro Orchestral Symphony). As with one and two it was all made in Nuendo using three computers all hooked up with Vienna Ensemble, and using Vienna Strings, Brass and Jazz drum Kit in amongst other vst's such as Omnisphere, The Grand 3 and Absynth 5. Here is a full length stream (copyrights all owned by me mods). I am loving the vsl libraries, which are rapidly taking over in my pc's from other (not to be mentioned) libraries. I am looking forward to trying out Dimension Strings next. Here is the link to a full stream of it, which you will have to cut and paste as I can't see how to put a link in here ....

  • hey...great and impressive work....! grey

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    @greystorm said:

    hey...great and impressive work....! grey
    Thanks Grey ! 😊 Mike

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