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  • eucon adapter feature request

    It would be very cool to have VEP a eucon aware application. Then we could control vep parameters and sliders with the eucon control surface. Since its application aware in knows when we have vep in focus or the daw in focus.

  • I'll second that request


    Dave Hage

  • +1

  • Just wanted to bump this. It would be so cool to have VEP be Eucon aware. Even if it was pretty primitive, just to have control over the audio channels.

  • i doubt vsl will do anything that´s pretty primitive, not quite their philosophy. now that they have this ipad-/android-app, things are not so bad. anyway i would still prefer to have the sliders, especially velocity xf and expression, on eucon faders instead of on the tablet.

  • I know this is a long-dead thread, but given that I have a Eucon surface, I have suddenly become interested in Eucon fader support for not-at-all selfish reasons (ahem).

    So - please can we have Eucon fader support - please..?