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  • J.S.BACH Brandenburg concerto N°5 BWV 1050

    Hi everybody,

    here is one of my Bach's favorite : The Brandenburg concerto N°5. I render here the last mouvement. Enjoy !


    P.S Now, i am going to work a little on Dimension Strings ... Yep ![Y][<:o)]

  • Hello Philippe,

    This sounds awesome !  (Bravo, and a very big round of applause).

    Which VSL libraries did you use in this piece ? 

    I also like the way the Harpsichord blends in the arrangement, is this VSL's Harpsichord ? 

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful Bach re-creation using VSL . Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 BWV 1050, is one of my favourite Bach works.



  • Great job, Philippe! Congratulations! This Bach was a real pleasure to hear. Thank you for posting!  

    Looking forward to listening to that DS demo!!



  • Hi Musksculp and Servandus,

    @Servando : thanks for listening. I had much pleasure to do this piece,  happy you like it. We miss you on this forum ... come back quickly !! [;)]

    @Musickculp. Thanks for your kind comments.  This piece is "full VSl". For strings, i use solo strings and some patches (staccato and legato novib) of Dimension Strings. The harpsichord is VSL too, i send it thru vienna suite exciter to enhance harmonics (set at 490 hz), so it sounds very realistic.



  • Hello Philippe,

     Dim-Strings sound great for Baroque work.  I did not know you used Dim-Strings here.

    Thanks for the helpful feedback.   

    All The Best,


  • Sounds great Philippe!  I really enjoy your performances here, and look forward to them in fact.  

  • This one really is first class, sound- and performance-wise. Congratulations!

  • Hi Goran,

    thanks for listening.



  • That was outstanding!  I love the sound of the mix also.


  • Thanks cgernaey !

  • HI Philippe,

    I did enjoy it too.

    If I compare to your previous entry, I think the general atmoshere of your mix is a lot better.

    I love this music very much,

    Jeep up the good work

    Jean Roy

  • Hi Philippe,

    I think this is a great performance of Bach's magnificent music. A joy to listen to. I like the clarity of your mix and the engaged feeling of the instruments. In particular the flute and cembalo. Would you like to carry something to your next production, to my ears, the solo violin can in some places ease slightly on attack . 

    Thank you for sharing.



  • Thanks Jean and Martijn for listening and for your kind comments. Happy you like that !!



  • Hi everybody,

    new : bach harpsichord concerto BWV 1055  (Mvt 1 and Mvt2) here :



  • Hi,

    i just achieved a new mix of the last mouvement of 3rd brandenburg concerto. More dynamic and the instruments are more detailed. Enjoy !

     (view in 360p minimum)



  •  This sounds great.  The trill sounded a little weird at 1:55.  Was it performance trill?  Notes sounded too disconnected and mathematically accurate.  ALso, I had a desire for the flute to be more upfront and breathy.  But in general it sounds fantastic.  I love it! 

  • Hey great job with midi and articulations! 

    The sound perspective is pretty good as well. What I find a bit weak are the solo violin long sustain notes: I understand that you maybe keep them flat and non-vibrato to mimic Baroque filologic performance, but in my humble opinon this is not the right sound.

    - it's historically false that no vibrato exist in Bach music, the opposite this kind of long notes were almost automatically played vibrato, as recommended by contemporary masters.

    - if a long non vibrato note is perfomed by a real baroque violin player, he will keep it really alive with expressions and bows: hard to replicate with samples, but a dynamic and thimbric change (e.g. velocity cross fading, cc11 etc.) may really help a lot.

    My 2 cents, delighted by your work and feeling less alone (I'm a fanatic Bach music demo maker as you are...:o)

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