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  • VS reverb plugin don't show up in VE pro

    Hello guys and VSL team, I'm having into a little issue with the Vienna Suite reverb plugins. Basically I have 4 audio workstations, 1 master and 3 slaves hooked up together through VE pro. All Vienna Suite plugins are installed on the slave machines . For some strange reason, on one of the slave machines both the VS Hybrid and the convolution reverb are not showing up in VE pro. I tried reinstalling them of course, but no luck. I know the plugins path in VE pro is set correctly since the rest of the VS plugins do show up and work just fine. Any ideas? Cheers!!

  • Is it possible that this one slave machine has a PPC processor? The Vienna Suite Convolution Reverb, Hybrid Reverb and new Goniometer no longer support PPC and will thus not be installed on such system.

  • Nope, its an AMD FX 8-core processor, I believe its the 'FX Series 8120 Black Edition 8 Core' and the new Goniometer works fine as well. Just the reverbs.