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  • Ipad app for VI Pro

    Hello, is there a project about an ipad app for VI pro control ? Or, at least a Lemur template. It will be so great !

  • It will be awesome to have this kind of template for VSL : Ipad begin to be a powerful tool, have you try Auria app : and also Notion : more and more musicians use it, this woud be a shame to not use it for VSL products !

  • D271267,

    VSL, has shown growth and a willingness to expand to better their customer base. Your request however, is not what they do.

    The Auria iPad App by (WAVEMACHINE Labs) is truely a labor of love. It is difficult to visualize how WAVE will realize a profit on this full scale professional DAW for iPad. 

    While the DAW is  A M A Z I N G, the base price is 50 USD and balloons to 135 USD with all available plug-ins.

    Still, WAVE must sell how many to break even?

    R&D alone for a (Class A) 48 track mixer that fits in an iPad, with 24 tracks of pure digital recording must cost what?

    WAVE built the DAW because they could, not because they should. But it is  A M A Z I N G...

  • I hope VSL and others think ios music as a serious business and a good way to expanding products and public ! Look at Notion, i'm sure they sell more Notion 3 software since they released Notion app My ipad have a serious place in my workflow, made mockups on Notion app, tranfert to notion mac, then work on cubase via v control pro app or ableton via touchable app. I dream to control vipro for live or improvisation with a lemur template or best ever, via an official vsl vipro control app. But i don't think vsl was intersted by... Hope that someone work on it !

  • Why not just RDP to your main system from you iPad?

    Dorico, Notion, Sibelius, StudioOne, Cubase, Staffpad VE Pro, Synchon, VI, Kontakt Win11 x64, 64GB RAM, Focusrite Scarlett 18i20, August Forster 190
  • Yep, i try air display, and v- window on v-control pro, but i'm not really satisfy with bot of them, some latency and it's not very practical because the software interface aren't made for ipad control. done very good lemur templates for Lass or Symphobia, but unfornatly, not for vsl.

  • I plan to write a piece for a "real orchestra" vs a "VSL orchestra", control by keyboard players, and for that, i want to have a way for each keyboard player to control VI pro with an Ipad. That's it !

  • You should check into the Lemur app for iPad.  I use a Lemur though, which has a larger display.  It will do the trick most definitely.

  • I have it,, wonderful app, but not in my abilities to make a VIpro 2 template for Lemur...

  •  Dear community,

    I got the GO from our developers to inform you that we are in the final developement stage of an IPad app controller for VI PRO.

    (it will also be compatible with any other Pads)

    We have no release date so far, but anybody who is interested in testing can post here and will be supported with a beta when we are ready for testing.

    The general good news for this new product: it will be free for all registered VI PRO users!



  • Herb,

    I stand corrected. Can't wait to see the VSL approach to a VI PRO (iPad) control surface. [H]

    Sign me up for Beta Testing please.

  • Oh my god ! Oh my god ! Oh my god ! Very interested to be a beta tester Thank you ! VSL, i love you !

  • I would be also interested in beta testing

  • Hi ! Please sign me in for beta testing. Thanks in advance !

  • I'd love to beta test the iPad app. I was already building one from Lemur...

  • I'm interested in Beta Testing for you.  I have an iPad (3), and have used an iPad for DAW control since they first started coming out.

  • I'm interested in Beta Testing too


  • I too would LOVE to beta test this!

  • I would be also interested in beta testing!

  • Me too ! Please add me to the beta test...