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  • Logic Multiport Question

    I have installed the Logic Multiport environment layer into my template and it allows me to run a large LASS setup in just one Ensemble instance in the same computer but I have tried to connect the same layer to VEP instances on my Mac Pro Slave computer without any success. I tried renaming each multi instrument as Vepro S1...S2..etc but this didn't help. Is there a way of using this excellent layer with more than one instance of Ve Pro and on a slave computer? Thanks in advance, Jim Hall

  • I was able to copy the entire evvironment layer to a new layer.

    I disconnected the cable from the layer output and created another audio instrument and connected the new layer to the new audio instrument.

    I also re-named the multi-instruments in the new layer I re-nanmed VEP 1 to 17 and contuned on from there.

    In VEP I made a new instance and it seems to work. I havent tested it much.

    This gives you 512 instrument channels. Enough? :-)

  • Hey there, have you tested this method any further? Is it stable?