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  • REQUEST: New plugin browser in VE Pro PLEASE.

    I have worked hard and saved a lot of money to get the best plugins.  Buying Waves Mercury was a huge goal we recently accomplished, but there's a problem.  When I want to load them in VE Pro, it takes FOREVER to scrolll down to the lower portion of the list [:(].  Sometimes I get to the bottom and the window closes before I get chose the mono/stereo option.  This is killing me!  I don't know for other people, but it can really slow my project down and bore my clients. 

    Can we possibly have a separate boxed window that pops out when we click to add an plugin?  Thanks in advance

  • Dude, are You really serious with Your complaints? And what with those red angry faces? That's not the way to get the answer You are looking for. Peace!

  • Hey guy.  I'm not mad at Vienna, actually disappointed at Waves for not breaking the bundles down better.  The faces are not towards either of the two, just expressing what it feels like when clients ask to hear a plugin and it takes so long to scroll each one.  Please don't take it personal.

    ps.  I made the smileys more domestic.

  • Boy this scrolling really drags my day [:(]

  • There will be less menu items for Waves AU's in the next VE Pro 5 update (different channel configurations will be grouped under submenu's like regular AU's).

  • A word of support for the original poster. This also plagues me every day.

    I don't want to complain about a programme that really works so well but if there could be an improvement it would be with the menus. Especially for those of us with massive amounts of plugs.

    I also wonder why the menu is so sensitive and completely disappears if you hold onto it for a couple of seconds. It's also very easy to "fall off the edge" of the menu with the mouse. I usually have to select things 2 or 3 times before I can properly select it.

    But it looks like you are looking into this already. Thanks for that.

  • I wrote a VST2 Plugin Management Utility.
    It lets you, amongst others, sort and categorize vst2 plugins into folders and subfolders. If you Shell2VST'ed your waves plugins, ie have it available as separate VSTs, you can sort and categorize them however you want. My tool will build mlutiple scan paths for you, to be used as Plugin Path in the host, containing "links" to your plugins as you categorized them. Vepro5s menus will perfectly reflect your folder structure: no scrolling any more...

    VST2 Plugin Manager

  • [quote=TabSel]I wrote a VST2 Plugin Management Utility.

    Unfortunately for me, I use AU pugins on a Mac.

    Is is possible to add a scroll bar to the plugin list?  This may help significantly.

  • Make sure you're using the latest version of VE Pro 5, which will group the Waves plugin entries by channel configurations, reducing the amount of menu items significantly.

    Also note that you can use the keyboard to browse the menu, including the PgUp/PgDn keys and such, allowing you to browse through the list rather fast. 

  • I'm bringing this old thread back and now I AM upset. I'm using the latest VEPro 5 on Lion 10.7.5 and the Waves Menu will not scroll past the bottom of the screen. No matter how carefully I scroll to the bottom arrow in the menu it will not scroll any further. I can't get to any plugs at the bottom of the list. Not on my 27" screen and not on my 30" screen.

    Are other people having this problem? 

  • Yes, having this same problem - came here hoping to find a solution!

    Any suggestions much appreciated.  In particular, I can't get to key Waves plugins that I need for a score and I'm on a deadline.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Actually the above note from Karl helped - you can scroll further in the list using the cursor keys!  A good (but not obvious) solution in the meantime. 

    The real problem, as I see is that apple doesn't allow us to organize AU's but until then it would be nice if VEPro had a slightly better UI in this regard.

    Still love VEPro!