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  • Vienna Key

    Please HELP ! I am in the middle of a massive project and my Vienna Key with all my licenses is no longer being recognized by my computers !! Ive tried it on 4 different systems - PC and MAC.. Led light is working but nothing else... HELP !

  • Does the eLicenser control centre see the key?

    In License control centre, is the key shown on the left?  and if so are there are any licenses info on the right?

  • Not showing up at all... this is a pathetic system...

  •  You need to try the key in another USB port (not part of the same hub), or even better in a different computer, to ensure it is not the USB port or OS issues. 

    If License control cannot see it on another computer - it looks very much like a faulty key.

  • Hi tterba, andyjh

    Pleaswe excuse the delayed reply here in our forum over the weekend. I'm sorry to hear about this issue.

    To andyjgh, we're in the process of solving this issue with tterba in our support, and tterba received a demo license which enables him to bridge the time until the situation is resolved.