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  • Binary form with Counterpoint (attempt 001)


       please find a short attempt at my first binary form with counterpoint attempt. I'd appreciate some feedback on whether or not this adheres to the rules of binary form and also whether or not my attempt at counterpoint is actually considered counterpoint! All critiques welcome, no matter how harsh. I need to learn and I'm not sensitive. I've decided to take a step back from anything more ambitious as I realise that I am trying to walk before I can crawl. This is my attempt at crawling - only a minute of your time!



  • Hi Tom,

    I like it! I can't offer any help on binary form or counterpoint, but to my ear it sounds like you've got both well under control. Soundcloud's waveforms make it especially easy to identify the Gm x 16 + Gm x 16 + Dm x 16 + Dm x 16 sections, though they aren't so helpful with the counterpoint:)

    I especially like the rhythm and syncopation at the beginning of the first section. At first I can't even tell what time signature you're in, until it becomes clear after a couple of measures.Really nice.

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Thanks for listnening Brian, yes, it's in 3/4 Dm/Gm, and I am trying to ensure that I understand what I have read/listened concerning binary form and counterpoint.

    I appreciate that it isn't the most exciting or interesting and my intention is to continue with these off-forum (hooray!) as I know it is a chore for composers who have been there, done it, bought the T-Shirt[:)] but I really just wanted to get an indication as to whether this was structurally/tonally correct before proceeding.

    Best Regards,


  • Mr mcelvogue, Good job! You've embarked on a worthwhile journey. it is both exciting and interesting to me. Please pick up Bach French Suites if you can. They will definitely guide you through this journey. Tonally, your B section should (not must as I was told by my composition teacher) be in III major not V. This form is the precursor to the sonata allegro form. Nice try and keep going.

  • Hi Johnny42,

         thanks for listening and commenting. I just bought almost all of the Bach Suites I could get my hands on today (French, English, Orchestral, Cello) and that is pretty much my listening for the next week (and probably the next twenty years). I think I got almost everything wrong with this first attempt and I since went back and started again with a simpler effort. Thanks for the encourgement and appreciate the feedback (or should that be feedbach! - sorry).



  • You're going to be happy for the next 20 years... you know that, don't you? [;)]

  • Tom, You are welcome. You might want to look at the two and three parts inventions. Bach used them as a tool to teach his children and other students the art of keyboard playing and compositions. You'll most definitely be referring bach (couldn't help it) to his masterpieces. Regards, John

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